What does the Covid-19 vaccine mean for hand sanitizer dispensers?

by Jason Liburdi on December 07, 2020

The short answer is that hand sanitizer dispensers are here to stay. 

Millions of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are going to be distributed across the US. However, the vaccine is expected to be in short supply and will be distributed in waves. The first group to receive it will be front line health care workers. That means many people are still months away from having easy access to a Coronavirus vaccine. A return to many of our old familiar ways will therefore take time.

"The bottom line is that although an effective vaccine will certainly diminish greatly the relative risk of transmission, we still should not completely abandon basic public health measures," Anthony S. Fauci, director of The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The general population will be expected to continue wearing masks, avoid close contact with others, and sanitize their hands to control the spread of the virus. As businesses begin to open their doors they will be obligated to help protect employees and customers. For several reasons, ensuring reliable hand sanitizer dispensers are readily accessible will become as much a business decision as a health decision.

Hand sanitizer dispenser in a store

First, offering no solution or a cut-rate solution will reflect poorly on a company's brand. While a retail-sized bottle of sanitizer on a stack of crates is passable at the moment, it won't be after a certain point next year. Customers and employees will eventually view such temporary solutions as a reflection of how little they matter to the brand or company. 

Second, rightly or wrongly, companies will be forced to accept some liability for the safety of employees and customers. That means businesses need a reliable and long-term solution that will help limit their legal exposure. Touchless, mechanical dispenser solutions reduce cross-contamination and opportunities for failure (ie. dead battery).

Third, businesses will need to consider the cost of managing a hand sanitizing solution. As the population comes out of quarantine, dispenser usage will no doubt increase. The labor required to keep hand sanitizer dispensers full and operational will need to be factored into operating costs. This could amount to a significant expense in buildings, campuses, municipalities, and other areas with a large geographical footprint.

The Astreea Pedal Operated Dispenser was developed to address these three considerations. Astreea is durable, fully mechanical, and aesthetically pleasing, making it an ideal long-term solution. Astreea's design allows for easy sanitizer bottle swaps and its bolt points allow for secure installation onto hard surfaces. See our full line up of dispensers here.