Los Angeles area venues going “Live” with Astreea dispensers

by Jason Liburdi on December 10, 2020

In anticipation of a return to live events and trade shows, Toyota Arena and Ontario Convention Center, both located in the greater LA metroplex, have opted to place 61 XL Astreea pedal hand sanitizer stands and 60 Astreea Wall units throughout their venues. Both locations wanted a permanent, attractive, and hassle-free solution and Astreea easily fit the bill. 

The staff at the Arena and Convention Center were drawn to several Astreea features. First, all Astreea models are made from high-gauge stainless-steel, can be bolted to either the floor or wall, and require no batteries. Second, the XL’s 3-liter capacity is perfect for high traffic areas that are difficult to service during events. Finally, the sanitizer bottle swap feature in both models makes refilling quick, easy, and clean.

The Ontario Convention Center and Toyota Arena are committed to offering a safe environment to welcome guests to upon reopening. Installing Astreea dispensers throughout both venues will provide a reassuring measure of protection against viruses and other germs when guests, clients, exhibitors, and attendees return.