Hand Sanitizing is Going Smart this Summer!

by Jason Liburdi on June 14, 2021

Astreea's latest innovation solves some of the biggest hand sanitizing program headaches that businesses and organizations face today.

Astreea Smart, the intelligent hand sanitizing system, shows the location and real-time status of all your Astreea dispensers in one intuitive dashboard.

Yes, you read that correctly!

This revolutionary sensor system monitors sanitizer consumption in each dispenser and sends updates via cellular signal. Whenever any unit is low, an alert appears on a web dashboard and users are notified via SMS. The dashboard also features a map view that displays the location and current sanitizer level of every dispenser in your network.

Watch the official Astreea Smart trailer.

Astreea Smart Official Video

This new IoT technology was designed to help companies offer a better sanitizing experience to the public while also reducing the overall costs associated with these essential programs. Astreea Smart offers incredible value:

1. Labor Savings: Staff are directed only to the dispensers that need refilling. No more “making the rounds.”

2. Better Customer Experience: Less chance of a customer or employee encountering an empty dispenser.

3. Reduced Waste: Refillable and recyclable reservoirs mean no plastic or sanitizer waste.

4. Energy Efficient: Sensor batteries last up to 5 years. The dispenser itself is pedal actuated.

5. Cellular Connectivity: Simple set up, extended signal range, and no wi-fi security risk.

6. Critical Analytics: View trends and make better sanitizer purchasing and allocation decisions.

7. Flexible Financing: Easily rolled into our all-inclusive subscription program.

The user-friendly dashboard puts you in command of your entire hand sanitizer program. View usage data for each dispenser and adjust refill points accordingly. Add, move, or delete dispensers in your network with just a few clicks.

See all your dispensers in map view.

We know how much people love the sleek silhouette of our dispensers, so Astreea Smart was designed to be unobtrusive. The self-contained module fits neatly inside Astreea dispensers and are easily retrofitted into previously purchased stands.

Our all-inclusive subscription option makes your hand sanitizer program that much simpler and less time consuming to manage. The Astreea+ program rolls your dispenser, Astreea Smart module, monitoring, and sanitizer into one low monthly payment.

Astreea Smart arrives this July. Click here to register for updates and be a part of the launch! For more information, contact Astreea North America at 800.759.9913 or sales@astreea.com