Astreea+ is Here!

by Jason Liburdi on March 10, 2021

Astreea+ is the new game-changing Sanitizer as a Service offering from Astreea. We combined the world’s best-selling pedal dispenser, premium gel sanitizer, and automation software into a single subscription service. Each Astreea+ bundle includes the following:

  • 1 free Astreea Model L dispenser ($409.00 value)
  • 4 Astreea Safe gel sanitizer refills per month ($24.99 each)
  • An intuitive online portal to manage all subscription bundles
  • White glove customer service

Businesses face many challenges right now, but hand sanitizing should not be one of them. Customers and employees expect reliable access to hand sanitation. Astreea+ makes the process of ordering, distributing, and tracking sanitizers across multiple locations easy and affordable. 


Astreea+ is an all-in-one-hand sanitizing subscription bundle.


Astreea+ was developed in conjunction with our North American distribution partners, Thumbprint. Thumbprint offers technology and fulfillment services that help businesses automate their brand logistics. Last year, due to the sudden demand in personal protection equipment, the company pivoted to help clients manage their PPE logistics.

Thumbprint saw an opportunity to help solve the real challenge businesses face when it comes to hand sanitizing: offering a professional hand sanitizing solution that is easy to manage across multiple locations and that doesn’t require an upfront investment. Astreea+ essentially mirrors the SaaS model commonly used by technology companies. In this case, the acronym stands for "Sanitizer as a Service."

Our new subscription model makes hand sanitizing programs simple. Pre-filled 2 liter sanitizer reservoirs are delivered to subscriber locations on the same day each month. Front line teams simply swap empty reservoirs with replacements as needed (empty reservoirs are recyclable). Subscription settings are managed via an intuitive web portal. Each $119 bundle includes a dispenser, sanitizer, technology, and shipping. The only requirement is that customers maintain a  monthly delivery of at least 8 liters of sanitizer per bundle. 


The Astreea+ subscription bundle features an intuitive web portal to help you manage all your hand sanitizer dispensers


Astreea+ is perfect for any environment where dispensers are needed across multiple independent locations (restaurants, retail, schools, etc.). Each location can manage their monthly sanitizer delivery quantities by logging into their Astreea+ customer portal. Headquarters can view all locations to monitor trends and approve subscription changes.

Hand sanitizing is now predicable, affordable, and easy to control with Astreea+. 

Astreea+ is available direct or from authorized resellers across North America. For more information, contact us or click the chat icon in the corner to begin a conversation.