722 Astreea dispensers to protect Manheim Auction sites.

by Jason Liburdi on October 01, 2020

Automotive sales are an important segment of the US economy, and auto auctions are essential to this industry. Manheim, the world’s largest wholesale auto marketplace with more than 100 operating locations worldwide, understands that the safety of buyers and staff is critical to ensuring the supply chain of preowned vehicles remains uninterrupted. 

Auctions often attract hundreds of people and are often held outside, so Manheim wanted a sanitizing solution that could handle a lot of foot traffic and withstand any sort of weather. Astreea is made from stainless steel, requires no battery, and is fully mechanical which makes it the perfect answer. Manheim is in the process of placing 722 Model L units across all its auction centers in the United States, ensuring that this important industry keeps on rolling!