400 Astreea Dispensers will help keep Wheeling, IL School District safe.

by Jason Liburdi on October 01, 2020

We know everyone is apprehensive about schools reopening. Many parents have considered alternatives to traditional in-person classroom instruction, at least for the beginning of this year. 

The Wheeling, IL, School District wanted to provide every confidence to parents, students, and teachers that it could offer a safe learning environment. To support this effort, administrators purchased 400 Model M and Model L Astreea dispensers for their twelve schools.


The school district was seeking a solid, durable, sanitizing solution. Knowing staff would be stretched to the limit during these challenging times, it wanted dispensers requiring little to no maintenance, no batteries, and no installation. Astreea met all those essential requirements and stands were delivered only three days after being ordered. Dispensers are being strategically placed throughout each school to help prevent the spread of viruses and other germs.