Touch the screen to rotate the 3D model. Click the cube to view Astreea in your space.

See it in Your Space

Press a hotspot on the 3D model to learn more information.

To view Astreea in AR, press the cube button near the model while on your mobile device.

If you're on a desktop or laptop, scan the QR code with your mobile device to open this page.

Easy to Refill

The hand sanitizer reservoir can be refilled in only one minute.

1. Remove the screws and lift the top plate.

2. Pull out the reservoir, refill it, and place it back into the stand.

3. Replace the top plate and secure it with the screws.


Astreea is made entirely from medical-grade stainless steel, making it incredibly durable and weatherproof.

And because Astreea is built to last, we back every one of our dispensers with a lifetime warranty.

Reservoir Window

The laser cut meter window makes it easy to check the hand sanitizer level.

Astreea works with any liquid or gel hand sanitizer product. There are no special cartridges or pouches to deal with.

Fully Assembled

Astreea arrives ready to use. Just remove it from the box, add your preferred hand sanitizer product, and prime the pump.

No installation is required; however, there are floor bolt points in the bottom plate.

Pedal Operated

Astreea is completely hands free. Just push the foot pedal and hand sanitizer is dispensed from the reservoir nozzle.

Because it’s fully mechanical, Astreea uses no batteries or power and requires no maintenance.